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Chappelli’s new NuVinci: infinitely geared, definitely desirable

We’ve released a new range of our design award-winning NuVinci® bicycles, Australia’s first to feature an innovative ‘infinitely geared’ hub for the smoothest possible ride.

The NuVinci series has received industry acclaim for its continuous gearbox created by Fallbrook Technologies, which allows riders to change gears with the fluidity of turning a radio dial, eliminating jarring gear jumps or body jolts.

The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!
The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!

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In 2012, our NuVinci Platinum won the Sports and Leisure category of the Australian International Design Awards.

The new NuVinci range has been optimised for a wider market, allowing more riders to enjoy a smoother ride at the most affordable price.

The bikes are available in light metallic blue (Celeste), gunmetal grey with chrome rear (Pistola), and a metallic gloss black (Nero), and in the two most popular sizes 54 and 58.

In addition to the unique gearing system, the NuVinci has a hand-crafted and hand-painted lugged CRMO frame, leather grips and seat, and an integrated lighting system that allows 360° degree visibility for the rider.

NuVinci gear "radio dial"
The continuous gear can be turned like a radio dial.

Chappelli’s co-founder Pablo Chappelli said the company looked at ways to bring the NuVinci series to a wider market following extremely positive response from consumers about the NuVinci Platinum.

“We’ve been working hard to bring the NuVinci® technology to a price point where more people can afford it,” Pablo says.

“Now more people can get their hands on the latest in bike technology while still benefiting from the aesthetic design and quality for which our bikes are renowned.”

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Chappelli pops up in Redfern, Sydney

Editor’s note: Hey guys, with summer over, so too is our Redfern pop-up store. But fear not, you’ll very soon be able to find us at an awesome new site close by in Botany. Stay tuned for more info, and if you stopped by in Redfern over summer, t’was great to see you!

We’ve opened a pop-up store in Redfern Sydney, in an awesome old mechanics garage.

The store features our fixies (fixed-gear) and single-speeds, our new Caballero – the pimpest randonneur in town, and our award-winning NuVinci infinitely geared bicycle. We’re also offering a wide range of accessories.

All orders picked up from the shop get a free helmet and lock whilst stocks last.

The store is open 4 days a week, Wednesday to Saturday.

Address: 131 Regent Street, Redfern, right opposite Redfern Station.

The Chappelli pop-up shop in Redfern, Sydney
Adriana and Leo at the Chappelli pop-up shop in Redfern, Sydney
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Hi velo city – Chappelli comes to France

On Bastille Day in the middle of July, Chappelli Cycles launched its first online store in France.

The online store will complement our Swedish operations, helping us to service the whole European continent.

Earlier this week we caught up with Guillaume Adriansen who explained why the time is ‘parfait’ for Chappelli to bring our new bikes to the old continent.

What makes the time right for Chappelli to launch in Europe now?
Two things:

1. First, seeing the progress made by Tom and Pablo in the last 3 years with Chappelli Cycles has been a profound source of motivation in launching the brand in France.

They have proven Chappelli Cycles is not only a strong trendy, brand that can sell a lot of fixies and single speeds, but is also a brand with a long-term strategy of diversification. Already we’ve seen 3-speed bikes, men’s and women’s multi speed bikes, and the award-winning NuVinci, and there are many more in the pipeline. In short, Chappelli is more than a fashionable brand of fixies; it’s a fashionable bicycle manufacturer.

2. Second, the context in Europe is very favourable to city bikes right now. A combination of factors has contributed to an increasing demand for city bikes:
– Free or cheap rental bikes in main cities such as the Vélib in Paris have pushed people back on to bikes,
– the price of gas is skyrocketing,
– society is under pressure to exercise more,
– and bikes are definitely back in fashion as a cool way of commuting (- just so long as the bike itself is cool!)

Why set up in France in particular?
France is the 4th market worldwide for bicycles. This is where the Tour De France started in 1903. France is also the home country of classic brand of bikes such as Mercier or Peugeot.
The country has a love affair with fashion, as long as it is classy and understated. France is made of many cities with most people commuting every day to work making short-distance trips on public transport.

For all of these reasons it is obvious to us that Chappelli Cycles will one day be successful in France.

How can people in Europe buy a Chappelli bicycle?
We will be selling a range of Chappelli Cycles bicycles via our online store at, and also distributing them at a few targeted retailers (both bike stores and fashion stores).

Chappelli NuVinci on display in Paris
The Chappelli NuVinci at Le Coq Sportif in Paris.
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Chappelli Cycles wins International Design Award for NuVinci® bicycle

Chappelli Cycles’ NuVinci® bicycle won the Sports and Leisure category of the prestigious Australian International Design Awards on Friday.

> Download the press release

The Chappelli NuVinci® is the first Australian bike equipped with continuously variable gearing. Riders can select their preferred gear ratio as easily as turning a radio dial and without fear of jarring gear changes or body jolts.

Tom and Pablo accept the award.
Tom and Pablo with the award.

Accepting the Award, Chappelli co-founder Pablo Chappelli said it was “an absolute honour.”

“We are immensely proud to win this recognition for the NuVinci® and also for Chappelli which we only started two years ago.

“Given the quality of this year’s competition, including esteemed design companies such as Nokia, Range Rover, Bose and Dyson, we are particularly honoured. This award proves that the spirit of design is alive and well in Australia.”

The bicycle is the result of a 12-month collaboration with US-based Fallbrook Technologies, pioneers of the world-first ‘infinitely variable internal hub’ gear system. The system’s 360° ratio equates to the equivalent of 10 traditional gears.

Getting their 15 seconds...

In addition to the unique gearing system, the Chappelli NuVinci® won praise for its

simply design aesthetic and smooth ride. The bicycle has a hand-crafted and hand-painted lugged CRMO frame, deep dish chrome rims, leather grips and seat, and an integrated lighting system that allows 360° degree visibility for the rider.

The NuVinci® was also nominated as one of nine finalists for the overall Australian Design Award and has been selected by the Australian PowerHouse Museum to be displayed in an exhibition of Australian design excellence.

The Australian International Design Awards is a showcase for the best-designed products from Australia and around the globe.