Bike Sizing Guide


As a rider you want to feel comfortable on your bicycle. Choosing the correct sized bicycle is one of the most important decisions when buying a bicycle to make sure that your riding position is the most comfortable possible and maximises your efficiency whilst on the bike.  So how do you choose the correct size?

The easiest way is to estimate the correct size based on your height. Fortunately, Chappelli bicycles only come in 2 sizes so it makes it a lot easier to work out which bike is likely to be best for you. If you are between sizes you may want to go up a size as a lot people prefer to have a little more room and be a little more stretched out on a bicycle, so generally a slightly bigger frame might be better suited. However if you are new to cycling or don’t feel very confident on a bike, perhaps a smaller frame would work better for you in terms of control and confidence. Another way slightly more complex method is to work out your leg length and match that to the stand over height of a bicycle. Seat and stem heights can be adjusted to adapt to most riders.


Bicycle sizes on road bikes and commuter bicycles are measured in centimetres and usually refer to the length of distance between the seat tube (where the saddle goes in) to the head tube (where the handlebars and front fork are). It usually corresponds to the length of the top tube if it runs straight from the seat tube to the head tube. The longer the top tube is the more stretched out you will be. Chappelli Cycles mostly use square frame geometry which means the length of the top tube is also the length of the seat tube. The stand over height is the height of the bicycle from top tube to ground and should be similar to your inseam leg length so that if you stand over the top tube with the bicycle between your legs you can stand comfortably with your feet flat on both sides.

Bicycle Size Guide


Chappelli Mens and Unisex bicycles (diamond frames) are currently made in two frame sizes:Regular (54cm) and Large (58cm) these typically fit the majority of people. The sizing below applies to all of our diamond frame bikes except the El Toro – for El Toro sizing range select sizing on the El Toro product page.

Chappelli women’s bicycles (step through frame) only come in Regular 50cm frames, which should fit most female riders between 5’2″ft to 6ft.

However, if you are uncertain that these frame sizes are not right for you, please contact us byemail and we can provide advice.

Diamond frame – Suggested frame sizeMedium (54 cm)Large  (58 cm)
Approx height in cm163 -178cm176-188cm
Approx height in feet & inches5’ 4″ – 5’ 10″5’ 9″ -6’ 2″
Womens step through – Suggested frame sizeRegular (50cm)
Approx height in cm158 – 183cm
Approx height in feet & Inches5’ 2″ – 6’ 0″


The second way to determine the best bike size is measuring your leg length. You may need a friend to help you out and you’ll need a measuring tape.

  1. Take off your shoes and socks, and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Take a book or something similar and hold it between your legs as if it were the saddle of your bike. It should be as high as it will comfortably go.
  3. Now, measure from the top of the book to the ground making sure the measuring tape is straight. This measurement will usually be slightly less than half of your height.
  4. You can use this measurement to calculate the distance from your saddle to the bottom bracket ie. the centre of the crank.
  5. The distance from the top of the saddle to this bottom bracket should be ~110% of your leg length measurement. Remember the saddle tube can be adjusted to obtain the correct saddle height.

Another quick check, we often use when you come into store is to sit on the bicycle and looking at the angle your knee is bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Ideally you should have approximately a 30′ degree angle in your knee. Much straighter and you risk over-extending, much more bent and you won’t be getting maximum power from each pedal stroke.


The maximum recommended rider weight for our bikes is 110kg.