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Riddle of the helmetless rider is now solved

Chappelli-watchers may recall that in 2012 during a police crackdown on helmetless riders in Sydney, Fairfax news photographed a seemingly hapless rider on a sparkling new Chappelli in the process of receiving a fine.

A bit harsh, we thought, and offered to pay his fine if anyone could identify the dapper chap in question.

Well, it’s taken two years, but we finally had a conclusion to the story this week.

Adam, a web developer from Pyrmont, wrote in to fess up. Turns out it wasn’t Adam who was the hapless one after all, but the photographer, who couldn’t find anyone willing to pose for his photo.

Enter Adam, who did a brilliant turn acting the part of a man on the receiving end of a $67 fine.

Two years later, one of his friends wrote to tell him we were looking for him, and the mystery was history.

Oh one more thing – two weeks after posing for the photo Adam actually did receive a fine. He graciously offered us to pay it for him.

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New Brisbane store now open

Attention Brisbane, Chappelli Cycles has now opened a store in Teneriffe, offering great bikes, and a coffee to match! Co-founder Tom Davies explains why you should stop by to see.

Why is Brisbane well suited for Chappelli’s offer?
Chappelli is very excited to be opening up in Brisbane after the success of our shops in Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane has a lot of cyclists and a good climate for cycling so we always wanted to open a shop here. And especially as there isn’t really anyone else offering our kind of bicycles here.

Aside from that we have had a lot of customers from Brisbane and haven’t been able to service them properly until now. Now they will be able to get the same levels of service and bicycle maintenance that our customers in other cities have been getting.

 In your first month since opening, what are your first impressions?
 Brisbane is a great bicycling city, the climate is great for riding and there is lots of bicycle infrastructure. It has fantastic bike paths around the inner city including the new RiverWalk and a lot of paths through Southbank and along the river to explore.

Brisbane is deceptively hilly and, as we’ve discovered, getting around on a single-speed bicycle will keep you very fit! There are a lot of people riding fixies, but most of our customers have been interested in our three-speed and NuVinci bicycles as they’d prefer to have some gears to manage Brisbane’s hills.

What can visitors find at the shop?
Brisbane represents something a little different for us as we are opening up in a coffee roaster and cafe called Blue Sky Cafe. Plans are coming together slowly but we want to create a relaxed retail environment that is really friendly for cyclists to come in and have a coffee and see and test-ride our bicycles.

We are currently assembling a selection of great bicycle designs from the last 100 years that we will be putting on display in the shop to showcase the best bicycles from around the world.


Does the shop have the same Chappelli look-and-feel as the Sydney and Melbourne spaces?
We are still finishing the fit out. As usual we’ve tried to keep it to a minimum and let the bicycles speak for themselves. The space itself is a fantastic industrial building from the 30s.

Originally it was a marble factory and for the past 5 years has been a coffee roaster and cafe. It has lovely high ceilings and a hardwood floor. We are currently renovating it to update it and will be doing an official re-launch in November.

Who is on the Brisbane team?
Currently it’s a small team. I’m up here at the moment to keep an eye on operations and we have employed Mark Stokes as manager and chief bicycle mechanic. As things progress we will be taking on another mechanic.

What are you looking forward to about the Brisbane project?
For Chappelli, the Brisbane shop is an experiment in retailing. We want to see if we can create an alternative kind of bicycle shop that isn’t crammed full of bicycles.
Instead we wanted to foster a welcoming ambience where people who love bicycles can come by and see the bicycles on display as part of the gallery and if they are interested, view our range of bicycles. They can also grab their favourite coffee, roasted on site by one of Australia’s best barristas.

Are there any special deals available to people who visit?
Anyone who comes into the Brisbane store and buys a bicycle in October will get a free Knog Kabana lock valued at $45.

Chappelli Brisbane (servicing New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead, Fortitude Valley and the greater metro area)
2 Kyabra Street,
Teneriffe, 4005 (Blue Sky Coffee Building, 32 Commercial Road)
Phone: 04 5220 BIKE (2453)


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Chappelli’s new NuVinci: infinitely geared, definitely desirable

We’ve released a new range of our design award-winning NuVinci® bicycles, Australia’s first to feature an innovative ‘infinitely geared’ hub for the smoothest possible ride.

The NuVinci series has received industry acclaim for its continuous gearbox created by Fallbrook Technologies, which allows riders to change gears with the fluidity of turning a radio dial, eliminating jarring gear jumps or body jolts.

The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!
The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!

> Read the Bike Exchange review of the NuVinci Pistola

In 2012, our NuVinci Platinum won the Sports and Leisure category of the Australian International Design Awards.

The new NuVinci range has been optimised for a wider market, allowing more riders to enjoy a smoother ride at the most affordable price.

The bikes are available in light metallic blue (Celeste), gunmetal grey with chrome rear (Pistola), and a metallic gloss black (Nero), and in the two most popular sizes 54 and 58.

In addition to the unique gearing system, the NuVinci has a hand-crafted and hand-painted lugged CRMO frame, leather grips and seat, and an integrated lighting system that allows 360° degree visibility for the rider.

NuVinci gear "radio dial"
The continuous gear can be turned like a radio dial.

Chappelli’s co-founder Pablo Chappelli said the company looked at ways to bring the NuVinci series to a wider market following extremely positive response from consumers about the NuVinci Platinum.

“We’ve been working hard to bring the NuVinci® technology to a price point where more people can afford it,” Pablo says.

“Now more people can get their hands on the latest in bike technology while still benefiting from the aesthetic design and quality for which our bikes are renowned.”

Get your hands on a NuVinci today, and pay nothing for 6 months interest-free thanks to ZipMoney.















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Buy a Chappelli – pay zip for 6 months, interest free

In an age when even tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos can capture the world’s attention, we’re about to write about something of absolute zero interest to you.

That’s 6 months of zero interest to be precise. To wit, our friends at zipMoney are now offering Chappelli Cycles customers a 6 months interest-free payment option.

zipMoney offers real time credit in the cloud without the need for a boring, plastic credit card. It’s online and it’s real time: simply select ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ when you checkout and follow the prompts.

Here are 4 reasons to like zipMoney:

  • Apply in seconds, begin shopping instantly
  • Better terms than your credit card (3mths interest free on every purchase)
  • No plastic, no thumbing credit card numbers
  • Super safe with buyer protection, always

Learn more about our exciting partnership with zipMoney.

So take advantage of our new payment option: like a hamster-sized burrito, zipMoney and Chappelli makes for a tidy little package.

On Twitter follow @zipMoney “Online credit for your online shopping”

zipMoney offers interest-free payment

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Video: capturing great bicycle moments

If you do an awesome mono on your fixie and no-one sees it, did it really happen? (Or, like Tom, if you film it but upside-down sideways, can you please make it happen again?)

Thanks to revolutions in portable video cameras such as GoPros, not to mention YouTube and Vimeo, it’s now easier than ever to share your latest bike trick, ride, or fail with the rest of us.

Thus the reason that when Scottish trials bike pro rider Danny MacAskill strapped a camera to his head last week to hit (not literally figuratively) the streets of Glasgow, 23,000 were able to tune in to his Facebook page to re-watch it in awe.

Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill

Or how about this recent example of a death-defying ride down a narrow canal somewhere in the US – presumably (I mean, Sydney is hilly to ride and all, but…), which includes not one but TWO massive backflips over canyons. The result is a video to absolutely watch on a full screen – though probably not on a full stomach. 

And from extreme sports to extreme nakedness, people aren’t only just capturing their moments of bicycle-borne exhilaration, but ehhhr, titillation, too… or how else to describe this 8-minute video of cyclists riding nude through London (complete with inappropriate late night lounge soundtrack).

Inevitably, for every Danny MacAskill with a video out there, there’s a million of us who aren’t. And, as this hapless BMXer shows, that’s nothing to get hung up about.

Have you done something cool/fool on your bike you’d like to share? Be a sport and tell us where.

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We are going to be open this Easter so if you’re looking for something to do this long weekend, come down to our warehouse in Richmond or Botany to say hi and grab a new bike.

Sydney – Closed Friday, Open Saturday 19th 10 -5pm

Melbourne – Closed Friday, Open Saturday 19th  & Sunday 20th 10-5pm

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What does the fixie say? Listen to our Spotify mixie tape

Thanks to Ylvis, 390 million people now know what a fox sounds like. But while everyone else was thinking about foxes, we’ve been thinking about fixies – and more specifically, what sounds would you like to ride fixies to in 2014?

We’d be lying if we told you we’ve painstakingly scoured all the Indie record bins of JB HiFi to compile this mix; we’ve only scoured most of them (and still didn’t find much of use – thank dog for Spotify!).

Listen to our official Chappelli Cycles playlist here on Spotify

There’s something for everyone. For example, animal lovers will find Gold Panda and Thundercat, purring along next to Eliphino, Gorillaz and Bonobo.

Numerologists meanwhile will surely l0ve (or at least not h8) Rocketnumbernine and the Virgo Four.

And the heartbroken among you can take comfort with David Bowie’s Love is Lost.

Of course, flagrant self promoters that we are at time – and hell, this IS our blog! – we’ve also thrown in Hayden James’ Permission to Love, the soundtrack to our Chappelli Look Book video from late last year.

Just as we asked our friends, and their friends to share their favourite songs to ride along to, please share your favs with us too.

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Have bike, will vote: the cyclists party that won’t take you for a ride

It’s a golden time for cycling in Australia. Omar Khalifa, from the Australian Cyclists Party, tells us why the moment was right to strap on a helmet and ride into politics.

Omar Khalifa from the Australian Cyclists Party
Omar Khalifa from the Australian Cyclists Party

We will soon have a Motorist Enthusiasts Party in the Senate. What makes you think there is interest in a one for cyclists too?

This is a new golden age for cycling and over 3.6 million Australians ride a bicycle at least once a week and, unlike motorists, we have not been adequately represented in policies, priorities and even attitudes either on the road or by many of our political leaders..

What particular issues will you be campaigning for?

Basically better infrastructure, better policies and programs aimed at a behaviour shift to make cycling both safer and more appealing to more people.

Money is always tight for public transport infrastructure. How will you persuade politicians and the public to invest in and promote cycling?

Today Australia spends just the price of a cup of coffee on cycling infrastructure and yet over $700 per individual on roads!

It’s a failure of  leadership to admit that the old priorities are unsustainable and we must shift into a broader mix of transport and mobility options – and not only in our urban core. We now need to put serious effort in supporting cycling with the right infrastructure, road speeds, rules and conditions.  It’s time to ring our bells and tell those in power to get on with it.

In setting up your party, what other countries/examples did you look to follow?

So just 7 months ago we asked the question of a few cyclists and they responded overwhelmingly positively.  A few weeks later a few became hundreds.  So we thought that we had to muster the courage to just give it a go – and we are still going!

What has become clear to us since is that cycling is no longer an political right or left or green or brown issue.  It is a mainstream issue and has too often been shunted aside or wrongly tagged out of ignorance or convenience.  Are there no votes in cycling?  We shall see.

What is the first election you’ll be contesting, and what do you see as the biggest hurdles facing you? 

Our best opportunity will be upper house seats beginning with Victoria and NSW.  While we are now registered in NSW, we still need 100 more members in Victoria to file.  

 Lastly, what do you love about cycling?

Cycling for me is for fun and a bit of exercise and for seeing and experiencing the world from a different perspective. When I cycle I love the fact that other cyclists wave and smile at each other.  We stop and help each other if someone has a problem.  If we walk, drive or ride a bus we don’t do that do we?   It says a lot about what makes cycling different and the values it brings along too.

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Calling bike mechanics – jobs in Melbourne and Sydney

Can you assemble a bike, blindfolded, in less than 3 minutes?

To be honest we probably couldn’t either, but if you even stopped for a brief second to think about whether you could, then we’d like you to read on.

The reason is we’re looking for part-time and full-time bicycle mechanics to join our teams in Melbourne and Sydney.

the Chappelli Cycles Melbourne Warehouse

Specifically, someone who is resourceful, enthusiastic, customer-service focused, and who has at least 3 years’ experience building and servicing bicycles such as this one, this one, or this beautiful specimen here.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, send an introduction email and CV outlining:
– Why you’d like to work for Chappelli
– Your experience; and
– What types of bikes you’d like us to build if you were given a choice.

Send your email to Tom

And if you need any more inspiration on what can be achieved blindfolded, here’s Mike Tyson throwing some darts.



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Interest-free payment option puts you ahead of the peloton

Ride now, pay later. At Chappelli Cycles we’re proud to introduce our new partners zipMoney, a new payment option designed exclusively for online shopping.

zipMoney offers real time credit in the cloud without the need for a boring, plastic credit card. It’s online and it’s real time: simply select ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ when you checkout and follow the prompts.

Here are 4 reasons to like zipMoney:

  1. Apply in seconds, begin shopping instantly
  2. Better terms than your credit card (3mths interest free on every purchase)
  3. No plastic, no thumbing credit card numbers
  4. Super safe with buyer protection, always

So take advantage of our new payment option, pick up your fixie, and pull out to join the 21st century revolution. Safe riding and remember to zip it.

Special thanks to the team @zipMoney ‘Online credit for your online shopping’. 

Learn more about our exciting partnership with zipMoney.

zipMoney offers interest-free payment