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Riddle of the helmetless rider is now solved

Chappelli-watchers may recall that in 2012 during a police crackdown on helmetless riders in Sydney, Fairfax news photographed a seemingly hapless rider on a sparkling new Chappelli in the process of receiving a fine.

A bit harsh, we thought, and offered to pay his fine if anyone could identify the dapper chap in question.

Well, it’s taken two years, but we finally had a conclusion to the story this week.

Adam, a web developer from Pyrmont, wrote in to fess up. Turns out it wasn’t Adam who was the hapless one after all, but the photographer, who couldn’t find anyone willing to pose for his photo.

Enter Adam, who did a brilliant turn acting the part of a man on the receiving end of a $67 fine.

Two years later, one of his friends wrote to tell him we were looking for him, and the mystery was history.

Oh one more thing – two weeks after posing for the photo Adam actually did receive a fine. He graciously offered us to pay it for him.