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Chappelli’s new NuVinci: infinitely geared, definitely desirable

We’ve released a new range of our design award-winning NuVinci® bicycles, Australia’s first to feature an innovative ‘infinitely geared’ hub for the smoothest possible ride.

The NuVinci series has received industry acclaim for its continuous gearbox created by Fallbrook Technologies, which allows riders to change gears with the fluidity of turning a radio dial, eliminating jarring gear jumps or body jolts.

The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!
The NuVinci Nero, looking totes mean!

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In 2012, our NuVinci Platinum won the Sports and Leisure category of the Australian International Design Awards.

The new NuVinci range has been optimised for a wider market, allowing more riders to enjoy a smoother ride at the most affordable price.

The bikes are available in light metallic blue (Celeste), gunmetal grey with chrome rear (Pistola), and a metallic gloss black (Nero), and in the two most popular sizes 54 and 58.

In addition to the unique gearing system, the NuVinci has a hand-crafted and hand-painted lugged CRMO frame, leather grips and seat, and an integrated lighting system that allows 360° degree visibility for the rider.

NuVinci gear "radio dial"
The continuous gear can be turned like a radio dial.

Chappelli’s co-founder Pablo Chappelli said the company looked at ways to bring the NuVinci series to a wider market following extremely positive response from consumers about the NuVinci Platinum.

“We’ve been working hard to bring the NuVinci® technology to a price point where more people can afford it,” Pablo says.

“Now more people can get their hands on the latest in bike technology while still benefiting from the aesthetic design and quality for which our bikes are renowned.”

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