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Video: capturing great bicycle moments

If you do an awesome mono on your fixie and no-one sees it, did it really happen? (Or, like Tom, if you film it but upside-down sideways, can you please make it happen again?)

Thanks to revolutions in portable video cameras such as GoPros, not to mention YouTube and Vimeo, it’s now easier than ever to share your latest bike trick, ride, or fail with the rest of us.

Thus the reason that when Scottish trials bike pro rider Danny MacAskill strapped a camera to his head last week to hit (not literally figuratively) the streets of Glasgow, 23,000 were able to tune in to his Facebook page to re-watch it in awe.

Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill

Or how about this recent example of a death-defying ride down a narrow canal somewhere in the US – presumably (I mean, Sydney is hilly to ride and all, but…), which includes not one but TWO massive backflips over canyons. The result is a video to absolutely watch on a full screen – though probably not on a full stomach. 

And from extreme sports to extreme nakedness, people aren’t only just capturing their moments of bicycle-borne exhilaration, but ehhhr, titillation, too… or how else to describe this 8-minute video of cyclists riding nude through London (complete with inappropriate late night lounge soundtrack).

Inevitably, for every Danny MacAskill with a video out there, there’s a million of us who aren’t. And, as this hapless BMXer shows, that’s nothing to get hung up about.

Have you done something cool/fool on your bike you’d like to share? Be a sport and tell us where.