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What does the fixie say? Listen to our Spotify mixie tape

Thanks to Ylvis, 390 million people now know what a fox sounds like. But while everyone else was thinking about foxes, we’ve been thinking about fixies – and more specifically, what sounds would you like to ride fixies to in 2014?

We’d be lying if we told you we’ve painstakingly scoured all the Indie record bins of JB HiFi to compile this mix; we’ve only scoured most of them (and still didn’t find much of use – thank dog for Spotify!).

Listen to our official Chappelli Cycles playlist here on Spotify

There’s something for everyone. For example, animal lovers will find Gold Panda and Thundercat, purring along next to Eliphino, Gorillaz and Bonobo.

Numerologists meanwhile will surely l0ve (or at least not h8) Rocketnumbernine and the Virgo Four.

And the heartbroken among you can take comfort with David Bowie’s Love is Lost.

Of course, flagrant self promoters that we are at time – and hell, this IS our blog! – we’ve also thrown in Hayden James’ Permission to Love, the soundtrack to our Chappelli Look Book video from late last year.

Just as we asked our friends, and their friends to share their favourite songs to ride along to, please share your favs with us too.