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We want to pay this anonymous rider’s helmet fine…here’s why

The Sydney Morning Herald columnist Michael O’Reilly yesterday reported on recent police crackdowns on cycle safety.

The campaign has already seen 30 odd cyclists fined in Sydney for helmet offences.

While we’re serious about cycle safety, we were amused to recognise one of our Chappelli classic single-speed bikes in the SMH’s photo.

Chappelli Cycles is a staunch advocate for bicycle safety in Australia. However, we believe this article raises interesting questions about the role of helmet laws in improving rider safety that merit wider debate in the community and government.

To gain wider publicity for this issue, we are offering to cover this bike rider’s fine…we just need your help in identifying who he is!!

If you know this rider, please contact us ( or comment below. If you would like to see a rethink on helmet laws, feel free to post your comments on our Sydney Cyclist forum discussion as well.

Are you the mystery rider snapped in the SMH? (Photo: Lee Besford)