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Beach bikes to Thai for

Anyone who’s been to Thailand could attest to there being all manners of funky bikes, vehicles and contraptions to get you from A to B (typically airport to beach). Such as these.

Now there is one more in the mix – a customised replica 1920s board track racing motorbike, the type originally used to race on the vintage timber circuits.

Pablo initially built the bike for a race about a year ago, but recently sold it to a private customer. The customer has now had the bike shipped to Thailand where he intends to use it to peruse the beach.

Among the bike’s features are an old Smiths speedometer, a 50 CC engine, and a fuel tank that Pablo custom welded to fit into the frame.

All up the bike took Pablo about two months to build, on and off. “It‘s fun creating and coming up with concepts and then building what your dream is,” he says. “And when it becomes reality it’s kind of cool.”

So whether your dream be building bikes or busting them out on beaches, Chappelli says dream on!

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