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Join the party in our bike pants

If you’ve seen our new range of bicycles, you’ll know that our latest machines are wearing some pretty cool gears.

This Thursday you too have the occasion to wear your coolest gear as we celebrate the launch of said new bikes at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi from 6.30pm.

We’ll be running a sprint time trial at the party, with the fastest guy and girl to win a custom Stoli Vodka bike.

Yes, the party is indeed sponsored by Stoli Vodka, which recently awarded our bikes the top prize in their Original Design Competition. The design competition asked Australians to submit novel business/product ideas, which where then voted on by Facebook users, with our bikes winning by the width of a Facialbook hair.

In addition to thanking Stoli, we’d also like to thank all our friends who cast a vote for us… which reminds me, the winner of the “Vote for Chappelli Cycles in the Stoli Vodka Design Competition” competition, who will take home a new bike, will also be announced at the party.

So, if you’re in Sydney, like bikes and love parties, RSVP on our Facebook page and we look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Vote here for your favourite ideas in the second round of Stoli’s campaign.